ACS Automated Check System

Ensure safety checks are completed
prior to equipment usage

  • Driver access control
  • Customisable questions and frequency
  • Basic utilisation information
  • Instant notification
  • Online web portal and automated reporting suite
  • Robust and hardwaring
  • Straightforward installation
  • Ensure pre use check regulatory compliance

The ACS “Automated Check System” is a new and exciting addition to FTC’s already extensive product range. The system aims to provide a cost effective solution to completely replace paper based pre use check lists on any type of materials handling equipment.

The system comprises of an LCD screen mounted to the vehicle allowing for access control either using a unique PIN code or RFID access card. The checklist can be tailored so that the equipment is inoperable until the checklist has been completed and passed. The checklist can also be split into 2 sections, visual and physical, meaning the equipment can only be started to complete the physical checks. If a pre use check is failed then the equipment can be rendered inoperable until checked by a manger.

How does ACS work?

The system offers control of access to equipment through the use of a unique PIN code or RFID access card as required by site. Users of the system are able to set their own unique operator PIN codes or program RFID access cards through the use of the online web portal.This ensures site safety and compliance by restricting access to potentially dangerous and valuable equipment to authorised personnel only.

Full traceability of operator usage is readily available to assist with investigations and audits, also including automated operator license control.

Information is accessed through a user friendly online web portal allowing for real time and historical data covering access control, driver licensing and pre operational safety checks to be viewed as and when required. This information can be exported into a PDF or Excel document for storage or distribution. Instant email notifications and automated reporting is completely configurable to ensure that key information is sent to relevant personnel without the need to access the online web portal.

The ability to email an instant notification upon failure of a safety question ensures that the failure is not only logged straight away but also is acted upon in a timely manner. Automated reporting gives site personnel targeted and relevant information over a pre-defined time period.

Real financial benefits can be achieved by saving on time spent collating and reviewing check information, purchasing paper based check sheets / books and gathering information for audit or regulatory inspection purposes.

There are a number of other benefits to implementing the ACS system including:-

  • Control access to valuable or dangerous equipment
  • Automated driver license control
  • Configurable questions
  • Regulatory compliance by check enforcement
  • User friendly web portal
  • Instant email alert and automated reporting
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Retrofit to most types of equipment, not only MHE