The FM Stand Alone Check System

  • Customisable checklist questions & timed frequency
  • Randomised question order
  • Access control
  • Waterproof touchscreen (IP67)
  • Extra-large screen for clear visibility and entry
  • Straightforward installation
  • Option: blocking function
  • Downloadable auditable information
The FM Stand Alone Check System is a new and exciting addition to FTC’s already extensive product range. The system aims to provide a cost effective solution to completely replace paper based pre use check lists on any type of materials handling equipment.The system comprises of a small LCD screen mounted to the vehicle, each operator enters a unique PIN code to activate the customisable pre use checklist. The checklist can be tailored so that the vehicle is inoperable until the checklist has been completed and passed; the checklist can also be split into 2 separate parts, visual and physical, meaning the truck can be started to complete the physical checks. If a pre use check is failed then the truck can be rendered inoperable until cleared by a manger. This system also offers basic access control.

Stand Alone Check System