A new way to optimise your fleet

Manage your fleet anywhere and anytime

A modular independent fleet management system designed to meet the demands of an industrial environment, this system will help to ensure the highest safety standards are met. OptaFleet will provide real time management informaion and reduce the total cost of your industrial vehicle fleet.



Safety in the Workplace



Your Fleet in Real Time



Total Cost of Ownership


As a fleet manager it’s crucial to your business not only to monitor the performance of your valuable assets and staff but to have access to immediate and secure information about your fleet at all times. Introducing the OptaFleet Advanced Fleet Management System from Fork Truck Control.

  • Self-Expiring Driver Keys/Cards
  • Live Instant Notifications
  • Intelligent 3 Axis Impact Sensor
  • Configurable Safety Check Screen
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Customised Events
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Cloud Interface Tool
  • Ruggedized IP67 System

How does it work?

With an extensive security model and a sophisticated service delivery platform the fleet manager is able to view real time information like vehicle location, driver identity, distance travelled, vehicle & operator utilisation, damage and critical event information. This can then be transmitted over the airwaves and delivered to any designated person.

The OptaFleet web tool provides secure 24 hour access to collected data while reporting and analytics tools enable informed decisions to be taken that can improve overall fleet and driver performance.

Improved operator safety

The OptaFleet Advanced Fleet Management System provides fleet managers with the tools and information necessary to monitor, manage and improve operator behaviour. The reports include a range of scoring and error reports that can be used to effectively improve safety and reduce risk.

Advanced operator access control

Using the latest RFID technology operator access control can be managed using either a specially designed key fob or in some instances the customers own RFID smart card, “one card does everything”. The access control options can assist with managing driver licensing as the keys/cards can be pre- programmed with an expiry date. OptaFleet also has a series of user friendly management keys available; these management keys can be used to VOR dangerous trucks, manage downtime and report KPI’s.


Customised pre use safety checks

Ensuring that operators complete their pre use safety checks can be an impossibility to say the least let alone the cost associated with the purchase of stationary and the auditing process; in a lot of cases this can leave any critical failures unreported for some time. With the OptaFleet pre use check screen the fleet manager can have complete peace of mind knowing that each operator has accepted responsibility for completing their safety checks, the screen can be completely customised allowing for any check, any shift pattern or any vehicle type to be accounted for.


Improved utilisation and efficiency

Getting the most out of your vehicles and operators is a primary concern for all fleet managers; knowing where your vehicles are is only the beginning. The OptaFleet web tool provides fleet managers with a wide range of highly intuitive reports to enable an understating of your fleet and operation, this in turn enables changes to be made to maximise efficiency.


Intuitive vehicle and operator dashboard

With the intuitive day to day vehicle & operator dashboard you can quickly analyse what each vehicle or operator is doing at any time.


Comprehensive impact reporting

OptaFleet uses the very latest intelligent 3 way impact sensor to identify the operator involved, truck involved, location on site, severity and time and date of any impacts. Lower level impacts can be differentiated from higher levels and instant notification and active events (such as truck slow down) can be set accordingly.


Advanced tracking with event location log

Identify the exact location of any critical events such as impacts, overloading or simply where the vehicle was last located, identify if operators are using the most efficient routes, control the location and storage areas better to make your fleet more efficient.


Detailed vehicle and operator utilisation

Manage trucks and people better by identifying good and bad working habits; reports can be created by vehicle type, department or shift pattern.


Advanced driver scoring and performance monitoring

Instead of receiving lots of information of the different events the OptaFleet web tool will provide a comprehensive driver scoring report, instantly outlining drivers that require re-training.


Additional features and plug-ins for the OptaFleet system

With 9 fully configurable inputs OptaFleet can be tailored to monitor just about anything on your asset. Some of the options we have included in the past are:

  • Battery management, with a specially designed sensor we can monitor battery health
  • New driver recognition, OptaFleet can recognise novice operators and only allow limited functionality (vehicle dependent)
  • Monitor and record service and critical safety checks
  • Timed PIN code for delivery or short term hire trucks (coming soon)