Forklift Safety

We offer a variety of products to ensure safety is at the core of any type of business that utilises materials handling equipment. At FTC we develop and install software and hardware devices that provide comprehensive and highly reliable safety solutions.

Improve site safety

Stop speeding drivers

Improve driving standards

Decrease damage

Lower fuel expenditure

Reduce maintenance cost

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Fleet Aware V.3

How does Fleet Aware V.3 work? Fleet Aware V.3 is the Proximity Warning and Alert System that is essential for minimising the risk of accidental collisions around vehicles and staff. Available worldwide, Fleet Aware V.3 creates a safer environment for your people and assets. Increased productivity and confidence is a benefit of practising a safer […]

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Reversing Aids

Forklift truck and human interaction is one of the biggest hazards in the workplace today, in many businesses there is no way of avoiding this, that is why Fork Truck Control have developed a range of products to assist operators in reversing heavy plant equipment safely.

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Speed Watch

SPEED-WATCH is an anti-speeding device for use on forklift trucks or any low speed warehousing or factory mobile equipment. The SPEED-WATCH is very reliable with many repeat customer installations since its launch in 2005.

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Speed Limiter

The speed limiter is a very comprehensive and highly reliable product. The system hard ware is produced by Siemens VDO and has been fitted to over 1,000,000 vehicles worldwide. The system is designed to stop speeding drivers by limiting the forklift travel speed without affecting the hydraulic lifting power.

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Speed Zoning

The Fork Truck Control Speed Zoning system offers a cost effective speed limiting solution for sites where there is interaction between forklifts and pedestrians. The system will allow for 2 different speeds for internal and external use and is designed to help lower the risk of incident without affecting efficiency.

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Seatbelt Inhibitor

Ensuring forklift operators wear their seats belts is an impossible task to say the least, that is why Fork Truck Control Ltd have incorporated a new seat belt immobilisation to our already extensive product range.

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Camera Systems

FTC have developed a range of camera systems to act as a security system and/or as a driver aid. Manoeuvring plant equipment safely can be difficult at times and an FTC camera system with in cab driver display offers the driver additional views to assist.

Safety Lights

FTC has developed a range of visual warning devices suitable for any type of materials handling equipment. The safety lighting range has been developed to enhance site safety and increase pedestrian awareness of the presence of moving hazards.

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Weight Indicator

Designed to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks Do I Need a Weight Indicator? If you are handling loads that are over dimensional such as timber packs, scrap metal, loads supplied in stillages or pallets etc. if you receive goods which do not have a tare weight marked on them, you need to […]


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