Fire Suppression

Firetrack-Fire Suppression System


  • Fork Truck Engines
  • Battery Chargers
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Switch Panels
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Air Conditioning units
  • Store Cupboards
  • Covered Bins/Skips

What is Firetrack?

Firetrack is a fully automated self seeking re extinguisher system, designed for specific designated applications rather than a flood system, though it can be used for this purpose.

Advantages of Firetrack

Firetrack is simple to t; it has a wide range of applications and can be adapted to suit most requirements.

It is a self activating system that does not rely on electronics, moving parts or external monitors. It is versatile allowing for different areas to be covered by the same unit.

Firetrack uses unique trace tubing that can both detect the re and deliver the extinguishing media to the heart of the fire.

The trace tube is directly pressurised from the cylinder and is traced around the area of risk to be protected.

Firetrack is available in sizes ranging from 0.75kg up to 9.0kg giving total flood protection for volumes up to approximately 11 cubic metres.

Different extinguishing media are available to suit various applications where contamination or chemical reaction may be critical.

Stops fires where they start