FTC Social Distancing Solution

4th May 2020

The FTC Social Distancing Solution has been designed to assist businesses to get moving again in a safe manner. This solution helps to ensure that social distancing guidelines are complied with and offers workers and business added confidence when working closely with one another. The Social Distancing Solution is a cost effective and easy to […]

FTC Safety Lights

29th March 2018

Want a safer, more cost-effective warehouse? – the answer’s plain to see   Forklift trucks are an essential part of every large storage facility, but this comes with high risks – to your staff, assets and profit margin.   In the UK there are 5 forklift related accidents every day* and they are now considered […]

Camera Systems Banner

FTC Camera Systems

21st April 2017

The FTC camera systems act as a security system and/or driver aid Manoeuvring plant equipment safely can be difficult but with an in-cab driver display offers the driver additional views to assist- plus the capability to record footage onto an SD card in a secure tamper proof location. Wi-Fi option also available.

“We recouped the initial investment many times over”

15th February 2017

Written by: Jason Reynolds, Director, Cavaion Baumann UK Limited Chances are if you are a sideloader user, the equipment plays a crucial role in your operation. As an ideal way for carrying long loads, such as timber, steel or plastic extrusions, sideloaders are a very effective tool, particularly over long distances or uneven ground. Their […]