FM Lite and Entry Level Fleet Management

Entry Level Fleet Management

  • Driver access control
  • Real time tracking and location management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Live event feed & instant notification
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Servicing and driver licensing management
  • Basic Impact Detection


As a fleet manager it’s crucial to your business not only to monitor the performance of your valuable assets and staff but to have access to immediate and secure information about your fleet at all times. Introducing the FM Lite & Asset Tracking entry level fleet management solution from Fork Truck Control.

How does it work?

With its extensive security model and a sophisticated service delivery platform at the core of the solution. Fleet data like vehicle location, driver identity, distance travelled, vehicle and operator utilisation. Damage and critical event information is collected and transmitted over-the-air by the FM Lite & Asset Tracking on board computer.

Once transmitted the FM Web provides secure 24 hour access to collected data while reporting and analytics tools enable informed decisions to be taken that can improve overall fleet and driver performance.

Improved Operator Safety

The FM Lite & Asset Tracking provides fleet managers with the tools and information necessary to monitor, manage and improve operator behaviour. The reports include a range of scoring and error reports that can be used to effectively improve safety and reduce risk.

Improved Utilisation and Efficiency

Getting the most of your vehicles and operators is a primary concern for all fleet managers knowing where your vehicles are is only the beginning the FM Web provides fleet managers with a wide range of highly intuitive reports to enable an understating of your fleet an operation, this in turn enables changes to be made to maximise efficiency.

Reporting and information structure

Intuitive vehicle and driver 7 day dashboard

With the intuitive 7 day vehicle dashboard you can easily analyse exactly what each vehicle is doing each day of the week.

Basic Impact Reporting

Identify driver and vehicles that are involved in collisions, see impacts on three adjustable levels: low, medium and high.


Detailed Vehicle and Operator Utilisation

Manage truck usage better by identifying driver and vehicle working habits.


Advanced Tracking with Event Location Log

Identify the exact location of any critical events such as impacts and overloading, identify if operators are using the most efficient routes, control the location and storage areas better to make your fleet more efficient.


FM Lite v Asset Tracking

Advanced Driver Scoring and Performance Monitoring

As opposed to receiving lots of information of the different events the FM Web will provide a comprehensive driver scoring report, instantly outlining drivers that require retraining.



Overall Benefits

  • Improved Operator Behaviour
  • Increased Efficiency
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Reduced Costs
  • Live Event Feed & Instant Notification