Continual Recording Camera Systems

Assist with incident investigation & historical data capture

  • Continual recording and playback option
  • Multiple camera inputs
  • Proof of load / unloading with push button image capture
  • Tamper proof
  • Industrial IP67 enclosure

With the increase in workplace incidents and insurance claims it is essential that accurate information can be supplied on the circumstances surrounding these. FTC have developed an industrial grade MDVR system that offers an extremely robust solution for materials handling, plant and road going vehicles.

The primary function of the continual recording camera system is to act as a security measure that continually records when the plant equipment is being used. The footage is recorded onto a storage drive which is mounted within a secure tamper proof enclosure that requires a special key to access. Should an incident require investigation the footage can be easily viewed with the capability to record and store up to two weeks’ worth of footage. The system can accept up to four cameras allowing for multi directional coverage.

Our customers have seen many benefits when this system has been implemented onto their fleet, some of the instant benefits have been higher driving standards, better loading and unloading, lower damage costs, greatly improved efficiency and much more.

The FTC continual recording camera system offers a number of features and benefits such as:

  • Industrial IP67 rated enclosure, this allows the system to be used in the most demanding environments
  • Tamper proof, the unit has a lockable cover ensuring that evidence cannot be tampered with or disrupted
  • From 1 – 4 cameras can be connected ensuring that all angles of the operation can be captured
  • Large storage capacity, up to 2 weeks recording time with the ability to expand this if required
  • Optional in cab LCD display to assist driver operation
  • Still image mode to capture images of loads for reference
  • GPS tracking facility for critical incident map positioning with video evidence (outdoor use only)
  • Small and discreet design also with infra-red night vision
  • Internal accelerometer, impacts can be detected anywhere on the machine
  • GPRS or Wi-Fi streaming, information can be streamed from vehicles straight to the user’s PC
  • Fully encrypted footage for authorised viewing only
  • Footage can be converted to multiple formats for other uses

Up to four cameras

The camera system can accommodate up to four cameras, recording all four views simultaneously, with the option of displaying all four views via the optional in cab mounted display.

Large removable storage capacity

The camera system can hold up to 1-TB of removable storage however we tend to supply this with a 120-GB SSD drive, offering around 2 weeks storage time. Using an SSD drive ensures that the data is held reliably and securely.

In cab mounted screen

The system can have an in cab mounted screen as a driver aid. This is useful for manoeuvring in confined spaces and for larger equipment where larger blind spots are perceived. If four cameras are fitted the screen can display the views from all four at once.

WI-FI capability

FTC are able to offer an advanced camera system with capability to tie into a Wi FI network allowing for remote real-time viewing of any asset at anytime.

New Features:

GPS tracking

GPS positioning built in (outdoor use only), this is ideal for locating where incidents occurred and allows for full traceability. The user interface displays all connected camera footage in synchronisation with the GPS mapping feature.

Internal accelerometer

The accelerometer is configured to monitor impacts which can be identified and accompanied by real time video footage and GPS positioning.