Direct Release Fire Suppression System

Fork Truck Engines
Mobile Plant Equipment
Battery Chargers
Computer Cabinets
Switch Panels
Agricultural Machinery
Air Conditioning Units
Store Cupboards
Covered Bins/Skips
  • Quick Response System
  • Fights Fires Where They Start
  • Simple To Fit
  • Bespoke Solutions Available

What is Firetrack?

Firetrack is a fully automated self-seeking fire extinguisher system, primarily designed for use within the materials handling industry, although it can also be used in other applications. A typical Firetrack system comprises of a pressurised cylinder with a variable length tracer tube. The cylinder is mounted in a secure location and the tubing secured around high fire risk areas “flash points”. Should a fire break out the tubing ruptures to eject the contents of the cylinder onto the fire.

Ideal for fire protection in remote or unmanned applications.

Advantages of Firetrack

Firetrack is simple to fit, it has a wide range of applications and can be adapted to suit most types of industrial equipment. It is a self-activating system that does not rely on electronics, moving parts or external monitors. It is versatile allowing for different areas to be covered by the same unit. Firetrack uses trace tubing to detect the fire and deliver the suppression media to the heart of the fire. All units come with an in built pressure monitor, to check product status, and a pressure top up valve.

Cylinder SizeExtinguishing AgentsOptional Extras
1 Litre / 1 KgFoam – Genex 6B – AFFF 6% concentrateAdditional tracer tubing
2 Litre / 2 KgPowder – ABC Dry PowderAdditional chafe guarding
4 Litre / 4 KgGas – FM200 – hepta fluid propane gas OR Novak 1230Tubing isolation valve
6 Litre / 6 KgT Valve – fixed or swivel, secondary trace tube
9 Litre / 9 KgPassive output switch

Please note that Firetrack is an aid to the prevention of fire spreading and cannot be solely depended upon to stop fires.