Fork Levelling Device

Increases safety while working with loads

  • Quick to install
  • Low cost
  • Quick calibration
  • No maintenance

FTC fork levelling device increases the safety while working with loads

Even your best forklift drivers may experience problems judging the tilt of their forks at height. The risk of pushing pallets in or out of the racks from a wrong tilt position of the forks is extremely high. The FTC fork levelling device enables the driver to see the position of their forks immediately.

FTC fork levelling device reduces damage to goods, pallets and racks

The most important damage to goods, racks and equipment in general is often due to an incorrect position of the forks.

FTC fork levelling device prevents forks from damaging goods by stabbing into the load, folding racks or damaging pallets.

FTC fork levelling device increases your productivity: work quicker and more efficiently

Your drivers will not like to admit but it is a fact that they spend a lot of time searching the correct position of the forks while manipulating pallets.

FTC fork levelling device enables the work to run more smoothly, faster and safer, both when lifting and lowering loads as well as driving.


  • Simple and fast calibration and mounting on the side of the mast by means of strong rare earth magnets (mount on left or right side of mast)
  • Accurate within 0.25 of a degree, clearly indicates whether the forks are horizontal or not
  • Can be used in combination with attachments such as bale clamps, telescopic forks, carpet mandrel, etc.
  • Clear LED lights indicate the position of the forks
  • Solid abs box with protection class IP67 and CE Approved

  • Uses 2 standard d type alkaline batteries with a lifespan of 1 year or approximately 1600 working hours
  • Switches on and off automatically by motion sensor
  • Low investment cost
  • No maintenance
  • Not permanently fixed to mast
  • Works on most lift trucks