Seatbelt Inhibitor

Helps to prevent accidents and reduce operator injury

  • High visibility material making detection easier
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for Internal combustion and electric equipment
  • Can help to prevent accidents and reduce operator injury
  • Enforces good driving practices
  • Multiple options available

“4.44 of the occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996 states that an employer must ensure that the operator of the forklift uses the seat belt. If an employee was injured because he/she was not wearing the seat belt, then the company could be prosecuted”

Ensuring forklift operators wear their seats belts is an impossible task to say the least, that is why Fork Truck Control Ltd have incorporated a new seat belt immobilisation to our already extensive product range. The seat belt immobilisation system has many options available, we can immobilise the engine or transmission until the operator connects their seat belt or can activate an audible or/ and visual alarm when operator fail to comply. The FTC seat belt immobilisation system is made of high visibility material so it is easy to identify those operators who choose to wear the belt behind their back. We can also tie this product in with a number of our other innovative health & safety solutions such as our eet management system.

The FTC Seat belt Immobilisation System will assist in:

  • Ensuring operators adhere to company health and safety rules and regulations
  • Prevent operators instinctively jumping from the truck in a roll over situation
  • Suitable for Internal combustion and electric equipment
  • Prevent potentially fatal accidents
  • Help to enforce site policy towards the wearing of seat belts