Weight Indicator

Designed to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks

Do I Need a Weight Indicator?

If you are handling loads that are over dimensional such as timber packs, scrap metal, loads supplied in stillages or pallets etc. if you receive goods which do not have a tare weight marked on them, you need to protect your forklift from accidental overload.

“FTC” pressure Weight Indicator

The operator can see at a glance if the load is within the safety limits of the fork lift truck potentially reducing the risk of overloading.

“FTC” Weight Indicator System

Designed to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks. This trouble free, easy to read design has taken over from the old dial type indicators. The PWI-25/100 system unit comes with a history of reliability and excellent backup service.

Forklift safety

It is the responsibility of both management and operators to see that their forklift truck is not overloaded. The forklift manufacturer must supply a rating label on every forklift truck that shows the capacity at a given load centre and fork height, but this does not help the operator if they do not know what the load weight is. A weight scale will tell immediately what weight you are picking up.

Our Weight Scales can be used on all types of lift trucks

Installation Kit

All weighing kits come complete with a universal mounting bracket, an assortment of hydraulic and electrical components to make the installation of your FTC Weight Indicator straight forward.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x MK2 Digital Weight Display Unit
  • 1 x Transducer And Cable Assembly
  • 1 x 12 Volt, Power Cable Assembly
  • 1 x Universal Mounting Bracket

Display Options

  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/ net weighing
  • Automatic tare and manual tare weight entry
  • Totalisation with sequence number
  • Error message in display
  • Automatic switch off
  • Overload protection 300%

Ease of installation

  • Transducer is installed into the mast hydraulic line (1).
  • The digital display unit (2) complete with chock proof circuit is installed in a comfortable viewing position to suit the driver or optional position (3).
  • A power source to the display unit is wired into the key switch.
  • Unit is then calibrated using a test weight for accuracy.



  • Capacity to fit the capacity of the truck


  • @ a capacity 2,500kg… in 5kg steps
  • @ a capacity 5,000kg… in 10kg steps
  • @ a capacity 10,000kg… in 20kg steps

Sensor Tolerance

  • 2%

System Tolerance

  • 2% of full scale (depending on lifting capacity of the truck)

Indicator LCD Controls

  • 4 Functions / auto on/off when not in use

FTC Ltd can provide a full training and installation programme.

For further information please contact us.