Fleet Aware

Intelligent proximity alert system

Utilising the latest ultra-wideband (UWB) technology Fleet Aware is a state-of-the-art proximity warning system.

Unlike RFID based systems Fleet Aware offers pinpoint accuracy in setting proximity zones around hazardous equipment allowing for the detection of personnel and other vehicles, with the added benefit of providing live asset tracking and detailed analytics of interactions via an intuitive cloud based dashboard.

Fleet Aware has the capability of programming two distinct 360 detection zones (Warning / Danger). The system can be configured to trigger audible and visual alerts to warn operators of the presence of personnel and other vehicles, further allowing for staged warning and vehicle slowdown (vehicle compatibility check required).

Key Features

Fleet Aware Applications

Fleet Aware’s application is not limited to the detection of personnel and can be extended to include:

System Components

Bi lateral pedestrian tag

Pedestrian tag helmet mount

UWB antenna

Crossway management system

Beacon alert

Pedestrian tag arm band

In cab driver alert

Asset tracking device

Fleet Aware Online

Now with optional enhanced cloud-based analytics, Fleet Aware’s extensive reporting details high risks and behaviours giving fleet managers a valuable tool for increasing safety and minimising costs, with the added benefit of being able to track all fleet assets in real time.


Incident recording / tracking


Length of time

High risk vehicles

High risk areas

Remote access

Real time asset tracking

Silent Tag Feature

Used alongside Pedestrian Tags these Silent Tags override and mute any notifications wherever the pedestrian is safe from harm, for example offices and warehouse canteens. Once clear of the safe zone, the Pedestrian tag re-activates.

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