Pedestrian Detection Camera

Differentiates between people and obstacles

The FTC Pedestrian Detection Camera System utilises up-to-date technology to help operators be more aware of pedestrians working in the vicinity of materials handling equipment, in all environments.

With the ability to differentiate between objects and pedestrians the FTC camera system is one of the most advanced pedestrian safety systems available. It is usually installed with one rear-facing camera on smaller machines, however, up to 4 cameras can be integrated to offer up to 360o coverage if required on larger vehicles.

The system works using an algorithm that detects moving and static pedestrians and alerts the operator to the presence of potential hazards. The in-cab screen outlines the position of the pedestrian/s and the distance from the vehicle giving the operator more confidence, helping to increase productivity, and greatly minimise incidents.

This system does not rely on the use of tags or high visibility vests to detect pedestrians, ensuring site wide coverage regardless of site PPE standards. Plant operators, owners and pedestrians are therefore protected on multi contractor sites and within busy environments at all times.


WI-FI Capability

GPS tracking

Internal accelerometer

SSD drive

Directional In-Cab Alert

Pedestrian hazard locator

This unit is a user-friendly display panel designed to assist operators in identifying the exact location of pedestrians that are too close to hazardous equipment. Checking an in-cab screen can take attention away from operating the vehicle, this new alert has an adjustable sounder so hazards can be identified rapidly without distraction. The unit is designed to be used either instead of, or in conjunction with our full HD monitor.

Optafleet Advanced Fleet Management

Offers detailed insights into high-risk contact areas

Two-way messaging between fleet manager and vehicle, self-expiring drivers keys/cards, live notifications and configurable safety check screen are among the many features available on this cloud-based IP67 system.

Radar Reversing System

Detects static objects as well as pedestrians

Using the latest technology to detect stationary objects and pedestrians in potentially dangerous positions, the radar with an integrated camera provides both a visual alert and an audible warning to the driver.

Continual Recording Camera System

Records critical data that can be used in insurance claims

Our customers have seen many benefits when using this system – higher driving standards, better landing and unloading, lower damage costs, and greatly improved efficiency. Also includes a GPS tracking facility.


Offers live access to all cameras on all plant and live positioning/tracking

GPS and GPRS functionality allows owners to access their assets live, giving access to all fitted cameras and the ability to pull previous footage if required, Google positioning also allows ‘touch-of-the-button’ fleet management in terms of assurance of where assets are at any given time.

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