Temperature Check System with facial recognition

From as little as £1.30 per day

Outright purchase or lease options available

  • Contactless automated temperature scanning in seconds
  • Abnormal temperature warning
  • Reduces the spread of viruses
  • Helps identify illness
  • Optional facial recognition
  • Access control for visitors, staff or the public (card or facial recognition)
  • Face mask enforcement
  • Can be used in any workplace

Reduces the spread of viruses in the workplace

Taking precautions in our working environment has never been so important. This device brought to you by FTC carries out invaluable temperature checks when staff enter your premises and also has the optional capability of facial recognition to further control access.

  • 8 inch slimline terminal – durable and waterproof
  • Suitable for any warehouse, office or factory with versatile mounting options
  • Real-time voice alert automatically identifies the temperature which also sounds an alarm when it exceeds a set value
  • Industry-leading, non contact technology, IP65 rating
  • Attendance management, keep track of staff entrance times
  • Security management, can identify prohibited persons

Standby Mode

No Mask Worn

Normal Temperature with Employee Recognition & Mask

Normal Temperature with Employee Recognition

High Temperature


Q:- The unit is installed and set-up by someone from your end?

A:- This would not usually be the case, the unit is set up straight from the box, there are of course many enhanced features (employee recognition, employee access control and so on. This would be down to the customer to arrange. Usually someone from IT would be able to implement (with our detailed user guide) fairly easily. For it to function in it most simple manner (temperature scanner) it does this straight from the box.

Q:- Can we check who is in and out remotely i.e. logging in via web browser or other?

A:- Yes this is part of the “enhanced” functionality, software and user guide comes with each unit, I have set this up myself and I am not an IT expert so it is fairly easy to do.

Q:- Is there any law we need to worry about with scanning people’s faces?

A:- Using the system in its very simple form (temperature scanner) it does not record or store any information, when using the enhanced features (employee recognition, access control etc) then yes the unit does store data and who ever this might affect would need to be made aware that you (the customer) are doing this. and adherence to GDPR and UK privacy laws will need to be followed. The end customers ICO officer will have to approve and validate its use, this again is very straight forward to do.

Q:- If the temperature is over X then what happens other than an audible warning, can it ‘escalate’ to a 3rd party i.e. via email, because there is nothing stopping someone just ignoring the alarm and walking in?

A:- Using the system in its simple form it will simply activate a high-pitched alert if the pre-set temperature is exceeded, if using the enhanced functionality then the system can be linked into the customers door entry system thus preventing either unauthorised personnel (not recognised) or if a temperature is exceeded from accessing the building. No email functionality is available, I have detailed user guides if required.

Q:- What is the accuracy of the system?

A:- The accuracy of system is +/-0.3°C.